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Creation Kit

From the timeless elegance of floral notes to the depth of earthy musk and the zest of citrus, our oils offer a palette of scents for you to choose from. Create a fragrance that reflects your personality and style by selecting six distinct oils that will define your signature scent. Craft, blend, and design a perfume that is exclusively yours, with our high-quality perfume oils as your artistic tools.


Additional Information

Elevate your senses and embark on a journey into the world of personalized fragrance creation with our exclusive Creation Kit. This comprehensive kit is designed to empower you to craft your own signature scents, transforming the art of perfumery into a captivating, hands-on experience. With 2 x 50ml Empty Bottles and 1 x 100ml Alcohol Bottle at your disposal, along with a selection of 6 perfume oils tailored to your preferences, this kit offers endless possibilities for olfactory creativity. Whether you’re a seasoned perfumer or a novice enthusiast, our Creation Kit invites you to explore the magic of scent composition, express your individuality, and curate fragrances that speak to your soul.

What’s Included in the Creation Kit:

  • 6 Unique Perfume Oils/Ingredients: Explore the art of fragrance creation with a diverse selection of six exquisite perfume oils and ingredients, each a key to crafting your signature scents.
  • 2 x 50ml Empty Bottles: These empty bottles are your canvas for blending and experimenting, allowing you to bring your olfactory visions to life.
  • 1 x 100ml Alcohol Bottle: The essential tool for dilution and blending, ensuring your creations achieve the perfect balance of aroma and longevity.

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